31 Oct

Energy from the sun: Role of nanotechnology

Energy from the sun is one of the potential sources of renewable energy for the humankind. It is perceived as one of the clean forms of energy as it does not pollute environment.

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18 Jun

Joint-Lecture: Designing and Delivering Tomorrow's World

What will future cities look like and how might these shape our behaviour and minimise our impact on the planet?

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23 Apr

Transforming business action towards eliminating plastic waste

This lecture introduces the research theme Transforming business action towards eliminating plastic waste by exploring some of the exciting transdisciplinary research opportunities available to academics in this area.

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27 Sep

In Search of Function: A Cancer Research Odyssey

This lecture aims to provide a greater understanding of how the molecular underpinnings of cancer cells affect their own behaviour and ultimately influence the clinical response of patients

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04 Jun

In Search of the Imperfect

Do you just ask questions or do you sometimes try to answer them? One of the more pointed challenges a scientist can face, hopefully inspiring progress in research.

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10 Apr

Banks, Firms and Financial Markets: Connecting the Dots…

This lecture will briefly touch upon issues related to (1) whether capital control policies are beneficial to the economy, (2) whether monetary policy and bank risk-taking affect financial markets and drive corporate investment, and (3) whether a firm’s investment decisions affect firm performance.

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23 Feb

The Business of Theatre in Eighteenth-Century Paris

This lecture explores the way in which a playhouse was managed in eighteenth-century France, especially the strategies developed to break down the commercialization of Parisian performances by the ‘Théâtres de boulevard’.

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18 Jan

The Creative Process of Music Composition and Performance

When a composer sits down with a blank sheet of paper, or a blank computer screen, what is the process that leads to a completed piece of music? Further, how does that completed work become a performance?



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28 Sep


Your personality is what makes you an individual, but what is it? How unique are you? Is your personality determined by your genes or by your environment? Is the structure of human personality the same across the World? Have humans always had the same personalities?

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