Why Study Here?

American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP)


Holistic Education

The US education system is one of the most flexible in the world, offering students unlimited choices on courses and focusing on an all-round learning experience. Adopting the US liberal arts approach of inclusiveness, industry-relevance and flexibility, Sunway ADTP’s has a strong track record of producing well-rounded students equipped for American higher learning.


Seamless Transfer into American Universities

We engage professors from US universities to deliver parts of our academic content. Each year, more than 100 US universities visit Sunway University providing valuable opportunity for students to engage with and seek advice from admission counsellors. We also host representatives from Western Michigan University (WMU) on campus who provide counselling services to students transferring to WMU.


Academic Mentorship and Support

Each ADTP student is assigned an academic advisor who will provide academic guidance and support. Our student-lecturer engagement is high extending over and beyond the classroom. One in four of our lecturers consistently receive “excellent teaching” awards.


Extracurricular Advantage

Each semester our students engage in out-of-class activities e.g. running projects and charity programs as part of their assignments, volunteering in cultural performances, or participating in international conferences. We celebrate bank holidays like Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Independence Day and Thanksgiving.


University Placement Guidance

We conduct workshops on all aspects of the transfer process—from selecting suitable universities and preparing applications to transitioning abroad. Our “Freshman Seminars” equip students with skills to succeed as a freshman. Our placement team continually supports students to transfer into “best fit” colleges. We receive study-abroad-semester students from US and non-US universities each year, many of which are our alumni back for summer semesters. On top of our summer semester subject offerings, we support our alumni by providing referrals, offering proctoring services and providing internship opportunities.


To find out more about our university placement guidance, visit the MOOC “Secrets to Success as a Freshman” hosted at the Open Learning Platform.



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