Sunway and Peking University Collaborate for Student Exchange Programme

Two students, one from Sunway University and another from Sunway College embarked on a two-week long exchange programme at the Peking University, China. In exchange, two students from Peking University were at Sunway University for a month.

Lance (left) and William visited Tiananmen Square.

The Peking University – Sunway University Inaugural Student Exchange Programme, is a student exchange programme sponsored by Sunway University and Peking University, providing students of both education institutions an opportunity to meet interesting people of their own age in a nurturing environment.

Lance (third from left) with the Beijing Chung Ling Alumni Association leader, members and spouses.

With the aim to create an opportunity for students to become acquainted with one another’s country, the exchange programme also allows Sunway students to experience different forms of teaching and research methods.

Lance joined the Peking University tour to the Great Wall of China.

Professor Dato' Dr Woo Wing Thye, President of the Jeffrey Cheah Institute on Southeast Asia (JCI) at Sunway University added that the programme also aims to cultivate students’ interests and promote understanding of other countries.

William enjoying his ride on a Mobike on campus.

The two students, Lance Lai Menn Tatt of Sunway University and William Chang of Sunway College had the opportunity to join the Peking University Summer School International (PKUSSI) programme. During their time there, they each selected two subjects.

William visited the Great Wall of China during the two-week exchange programme.

Wang Lina and Guan Hao, the two postgraduate students from Peking University, were at Sunway University for a month to conduct research studies on Malaysia and the Southeast Asia region.

William (right) visited Sinovation Ventures with his classmates from Entrepreneurial Finance subject.

Wang’s research focuses on the cognition of youth in Southeast Asia and the youth policy of Southeast Asian countries after the financial crisis in 2008, while Guan focuses on the Indian cultural influences in Southeast Asia region.

Guan Hao (left) and Wang Lina (right) with Professor Dato' Dr Woo Wing Thye during their visit to Sunway University.