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Sunway Institute for Healthcare Development

About us

The Sunway Institute for Healthcare Development (SIHD), a standalone institute within the University, is tasked with establishing excellent healthcare education/training programmes as well as establishing translational clinical research, to realise Sunway group’s vision, in ensuring that the latest biomedical developments and knowledge are translated into clinical practices.

It focuses on healthcare development for the country and also aspires to provide platforms that enhance and enrich the healthcare standards in South East Asia through training and clinical research.


To enable Sunway to become a leading provider of healthcare related education, training and research with national and international recognition.


  1. To establish excellent healthcare education and training within Sunway University for the benefit of Sunway Group’s healthcare services.
  2. To establish translational clinical research in support of Sunway Medical Centre and additional hospitals in the Group.

Core Initiatives

  1. Research

    a. Collaborate interdisciplinary research with world leading research universities in the medical and clinical sciences to promote precision medicine.

    b. Offering the platform to connect within the highly qualify universities, research institutes, academician and industrial partners.

    c. Establish facilities to achieve cutting-edge technology such as a sustainable bio-bank and making it available to researchers.

  2. Education

    a. Offering leadership training to healthcare profession and personnel.

    b. Offering professional development courses in enhancement of knowledge.

    c. Offering clinical research experience for interns, postgraduate students and research fellows.

  3. Program

    Harvard Medical School South East Asia Leadership Program (SEAL)

    The Harvard Medical School Southeast Asia Leadership Programme, (HMS SEAL), is designed to help healthcare leaders and frontline clinicians sharpen their skills on their quest to ensure the safest, most appropriate, and highest-quality standards of care in an increasingly complex healthcare ecosystem. The 12-month programme, designed to be undertaken part-time, will be taught by leading academics from Harvard Medical School and supported by experts from Sunway Group.


Prof. Peh Suat Cheng
Director, Sunway Institute for Healthcare Development
Special Adviser on Life Sciences Translational Research Development and Research Professor cum Professor of Pathology

Assoc. Prof. Dr Hwang Jung Shan
Head - Research Development

Dr Ronald Teow Sin Yeang
Research Fellow


Dr Ooi Pei Boon
Head - Operations

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