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The Sunway University Student Association consists of all Sunway University students and is governed by the Sunway University Student Council.

The purposes of the Sunway University Student Association are:

  1. To represent the student community at Sunway University.
  2. To be the recognised channel of communication between the students and the academic and administrative authorities of Sunway University.
  3. To plan, organise and coordinate student-related activities in furthering the educational aims of Sunway University and in tandem with the interests of the students.
  4. To publish any information that the Association deems desirable in the declaration and promotion of its purposes from time to time.
  5. To co-operate with, and affiliate with other persons and bodies in pursuit of its purposes.
  6. To use the funds of the Association for payment of any expenses incurred in furthering the purposes of the Association.
  7. To defend the right of students to a representative, autonomous and self-governing organisation. 
  8. To otherwise protect, promote and develop the interests and welfare of students.
  9. To make representations on matters affecting students to any member or body of Sunway University, and in particular to the Vice-Chancellor, the Academic Senate, and the Board of Directors.
  10. To be an accountable, representative and democratic body for the students.

Sunway University Student Council (Sun-U SC) is the governing body of Sunway University Student Association (Sun-U SA). The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Academic Affairs Director, Student Welfare Director, Community Service Director, International Students Director, Extra-Curricular Director and, Advertising and Promotions Director.

Roles and Responsibilities of Sun-U Student Council:

  1. President: The official spokesperson of the SC. He/She is responsible for the management of the SC, including providing leadership direction, setting the vision and goals and bringing the SC to a higher level through a high standard of achievements.
  2. Vice-President: Responsible for monitoring the overall unit projects and delegation of tasks on behalf of the President. He/she must deputise for the President when required.
  3. General Secretary: Responsible for ensuring that the SC keeps proper records, including minutes of meetings, formal letters, post-event reports and others.
  4. Treasurer: Responsible for ensuring that the SC keeps proper financial records, including the daily funds of the SC, and appropriate accounts.
  5. Student Welfare Director: Engaged with any matter concerning the welfare of the students, in particular the issues of safety on campus. He/she is to hear students' complaints and voices, and directing them to the SC for further action.
  6. Community Service Director: Engaged with any matter concerning community service.
  7. International Students Director: Responsible for organising and engaging in social activities relevant to the International students. He/she is to make recommendations to the SC on ways to better coordinate activities to make them relevant for international students.
  8. Extra-Curricular Director: Responsible for organising major social activities for Sun-U students. These extra-curricular activities may include: concerts, balls, Clubs & Societies Recruitment Week and any other beneficial activities for students.
  9. Academic Affairs Director: Engaged with any matter concerning education. He/she is to promote or organise educational campaigns relating to the quality of education, students' rights and the needs of specific groups of students.
  10. Advertising and Promotions Director: Responsible for official promotions including promotions for SC election, recruitment for directors or volunteers, publicity for upcoming projects, and news and happenings of SC. He/she is to provide accurate and useful information about the SC to all students, management and media.


Ans: The Sunway University Student Council (Sun-U SC) is responsible for the management of the Sunway University Student Association.

Ans: The members of the Association comprises of all Sunway University students, both undergraduate and postgraduate.

Ans: Please refer to the Facebook page for more information.

Ans: The official nomination takes place in the month of April. The nomination form will be made available at Student Services Department (SSD). Kindly apply with your preferred position. Get yourself nominated and seconded, then be prepared to CAMPAIGN to gain votes from the students of Sunway University!

Ans: You must be a student from our Lancaster-affiliated Degree Programmes or ADTP.

Ans: ONE year, from April of the current year till the end of March of the following year.

Ans: Students are represented in the Sunway management through Sun-U SC. All student matters will be brought up directly to the Sun-U management by Sun-U SC. Apart from that, for a high achieving leader, he/she will receive a certificate of recognition. And of course, the experience gained is invaluable.

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