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Sports and Recreation

Sports and Recreation

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If you want to play sports socially, getting fitter and healthier at SunGym or be part of a team, Sunway is the place to be for students who love sports.

Sports Council
The Sports Council provides opportunities for interested students to lead in the area of sports, and they are entrusted with:

  • Organising sporting events (such as inter-varsity tournaments and leagues)
  • Networking with sports clubs on campus to enhance the quality of activities on offer
  • Organising sports clinics on a variety of subjects


Sports Volunteers
Sports Volunteers have the opportunities to develop skills and gain experience by volunteering in sports events.


Sports Training
In order to improve individual and team-based sports, our sports team organises coaching and training for teams with skilled trainers.

Sports Facilities
Our sports team grants access to many sports and recreational facilities (subject to availability, terms and conditions apply):

  • SunGym
  • FIFA 1 Star Synthetic Football Field
  • Basketball/Volleyball Courts
  • Tennis Court
  • Netball/ Dodgeball / Handball Court
  • Jogging Track
  • Squash Courts
  • Olympic Sized Swimming Pool
  • Table Tennis Tables
  • Power Studio
  • English Pool Table
  • Badminton Courts


Sports Scholarships
Our sports team believes in rewarding those who go the extra mile – Sports Scholarships are available for promising state and national level athletes who wish to look into furthering their sporting level, and even career.

Sports Clubs
Whether your interest is in ball games, racket sports, martial arts, track and field, aquatics, performance or even board games; there is a club for you to select.

List of Sports

  1. Athletics Club
  2. Badminton Club
  3. Basketball Club (Men)
  4. Basketball Club (Women)
  5. Captain Ball Club
  6. Chess Club
  7. Cheerleading Club
  8. Cricket Club
  9. Dance Club
  10. Dodgeball Club
  11. Football
  12. Futsal (Men)
  13. Futsal (Women)
  14. Frisbee Club
  15. Handball Club
  16. Hockey Club
  17. NERF Club
  18. Netball Club
  19. Parkour Club
  20. Rugby Club
  21. Squash
  22. Swimming Club
  23. Table Tennis Club
  24. Tennis Club
  25. Volleyball Club
  26. Yoga Club
  27. Taekwondo Club
  28. Kendo Club
  29. Jijitsu Club
  30. Muay Thai Club


Mok Chuang Chin / Jeremy Khoo / Scott Lee

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