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BSc (Hons) in Psychology

BSc (Hons) in Psychology

School of Science and Technology


JPT/BPP(U)(R/311/6/0048/A5452) 07/19

About The Programme

Psychology is the science of the future and an exciting gateway to high-paying jobs and career success. In our Sunway Psychology degree programme you will investigate the mind and behaviour, how people think, feel, learn, behave and adapt to different environments. On our Psychology course you will study perception, attention, memory and emotion in adults and children; the psychological processes that shape our relationships with each other and society; the development of language, behaviour, personality and thought; the biological processes and neuroscience that underpin behaviour; and the causes and treatment of abnormal behaviour.

Psychology at Sunway also has a fantastic practical component that teaches you how to carry out research to investigate the biological, social and individual factors that make each of us an individual and all of us human. This practical training will teach you how to observe, measure, test and analyse people, and will also teach you how to organise your thinking, reach conclusions using scientific methods and how to present your ideas in writing and speech. All these skills are transferable and will enable you to become a successful high performer in the many business, managerial and executive job roles that require analytical thinking, good communication and the capacity to understand people. This means that a Psychology degree is a great career investment with fantastic prospects.

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Career Prospects

According to the Times Higher Education Supplement degree holders earn on average 1½ times as much money as people who do not have degrees, so a Psychology degree is a great investment. A degree in Psychology leads to a variety of exciting career prospects across fields as diverse as business and commerce; management and administration; banking and finance; forensic science and criminology; health and well-being; advertising, marketing and public relations; education, training and coaching; retail and sales; government and policy-making; news and media; product design, development and testing; gaming and artificial intelligence. Psychology is the science of the 21st century and Sunway is the place to study Psychology and build your career as:

  • Business Psychologist
  • Behaviour Analyst
  • Criminologist
  • Experimental Psychologist
  • Advertising Executive
  • Forensic Psychologist
  • Neuropsychologist
  • Sports Psychologist
  • Human Factors Engineer
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Mental Health Specialist
  • Family Service Worker
  • Health Psychologist
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Developmental Psychologist
  • Marketing Researcher
  • Arbitrator and Mediator
  • Police Officer
  • Game Designer
  • Educational and Career Guidance Counsellor


Programme Structure

  • Introduction to Psychology I
  • Human Physiology
  • Law and Society
  • Communication Skills
  • Introduction to Psychology II
  • Principles of Marketing
  • English for Psychology
  • Social and Professional Responsibilities
  • Research Methods in Psychology
  • Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • Motivation and Emotion
  • Psychological Testing
  • Sensation and Perception
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Biological Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • History of Psychology
  • Industrial Training
  • Research Project
  • Behaviour Modification
  • Organisational Psychology
  • Psychology Seminar
  • Human Neuropsychology
  • Personality Psychology
  • Community Mental Health
  • Counselling Psychology
  • Educational Psychology
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Applied Developmental Psychology

For Local students:

  • Islamic and Asian Civilisation
  • Ethnic Relations
  • Community Service
  • Bahasa Kebangsaan A (applicable to students who did not sit for SPM or did not obtain a Credit in SPM Bahasa Melayu)

For International students:

  • Malay Language for Communication 2
  • Malaysian Studies 3
  • Community Service

Entry Requirement

STPM Average C+ or CGPA 2.33 (minimum 2 Principals)
A Level minimum 12 points
Australian Matriculation ATAR 60
Canadian Matriculation 60%
MUFY 60%
Sunway Foundation in Arts CGPA 2.3
Sunway Foundation in Science and Technology CGPA 2.3
UEC Maximum 26 points from 5 subjects (all Grade Bs including Mathematics and 1 Science Subject)
IB Completed with minimum 25 points (excluding bonus points)

Other Qualifications
Any other qualifications will be considered on a case-to-case basis

Specific Requirements:
SPM / O-Level: Mathematics - Credit
SPM / O-Level: Science - Credit in 1 Science subject

English Language Requirements

TOEFL 550 (paper-based), 213 (computer-based), 80 (internet-based)
PTE Acedemic 50 overall (minimum 46 in each skill)
MUET Band 5
SPM English A2 or A-
UEC English B3
O-Level English (1119) B3
Sunway Intensive English Programme Pass Level 4 with minimum 65%
ESL/ English Satisfactory level in English in Pre-University programmes where the medium of instruction is English


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