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Research Office

Research Office



The Research Office is responsible for providing research support to our staff and students. The Research Office supports the University’s research endeavors in a number of ways, including:

  • The development and implementation of strategies, policies and procedures aimed at advancing the capability and capacity of the university to undertake research with genuine, international impact.
  • Working with colleagues across the University to identify funding opportunities and bring together interdisciplinary groups of researchers with common interests; dissemination of funding information and training in applying for grants.
  • Providing advice and guidance on costing and submission of grant applications, negotiating contract terms with funders and other research collaboration agreements.
  • Provision of post-award financial administration of funded research projects. Responsibility for submitting invoices, claims and statements of expenditure.
  • Provide advice and training to postgraduate research students and their supervisors.


Policies and Forms

1.  Code of Practice for Ethical Conduct of Research

2.  Research Governance and Integrity Policy (December 2015 update)

3.  Research Sabbatical Scheme  Effective 1st October 2016

4.  Rewarding Research Output   Effective 1st October 2016

5.  Internal Grant Scheme 2017  Effective 5th October 2016

Final Project Report Form

Budget Variation Form

Change of Team Membership Form


6.  Project-Based Research Assistants / Graduate Research Assistants

RA Application Form

Cover Letter for Extension

Cover Letter for Termination


7.  Requisition/Reimbursements

Job Service/Equipment Requisition Form

Staff Reimbursement Form

Student Helper/Field Assistant Reimbursement Form


8.  Organizing of Research-Related Events

Application Form

Post Event Evaluation Form


9.  Publication Support Scheme  Effective 1st October 2016

Beall’s List:

Potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access publishers.  This is a list of questionable, scholarly open-access publishers. We recommend that scholars read the available reviews, assessments and descriptions provided here, and then decide for themselves whether they want to submit articles, serve as editors or on editorial boards

Publication Support Application Form


10.  Sunway Institutional Repository

Author's Agreement Form


11.  Conference/Seminar Presentation

Notice of Presentation Delivery


12. Biosafety Act 2007 and Sunway Lab Safety Policy

SOP for Biosafety Clearance New

Checklist and Researcher's Declaration New

Form R New

Form E  (Template)


13.  Adjunct and Visiting Academic Appointment Policy and Nomination Form

14.  MoA Templates
MoA (no Financial committment version)


  1. FRGS, TRGS and PRGS
    Grants awarded by the Ministry of Education annually. Call for applications and deadlines are announced via Research Office. Applications, assessment and progress monitoring are administered on MYGRANTS platform from 2014 onwards. Applicants must first register for MYGRANT user account.
  2. Sciencefund
    Grants awarded by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. Research focus areas are mainly in Science and Technology with some areas of Social Science. Please refer the guidelines for details. Applications are roll-in basis with quarterly cut-off dates for approval process.
  3. Toray Science Foundation
    Ten (10) to fifteen (15) Research Grants of up to RM60,000 each for Malaysian researchers below 40 years of age pursuing basic research in science and technology (limited to the fields of natural sciences, including the environment, but excluding clinical medicine and mathematics) (inclusive of grants funded by Toray Science Foundation, Japan). Call for applications are made each year with deadline on 31 May.
    Awarded yearly since 2009, the award targeted at Women in the field of Life Science who are below the age of 35. Application guidelines and form are available online. Application deadline is typically 30th May. In 2014 cycle, the deadline to RO is 23rd May .
  5. Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia
    Call for Proposals 2014 is from 1 April – 9 May. Please click on website (hyperlink the above again) to download the guidelines and application form. Deadline of submission to RO in this cycle is 30th April 2014.
  6. Dr Ranjeet Bhagwan Singh Medical Research Grant
    Annual program under Medical Research Trust Fund. Please click the link to assess for guidelines and application. Applications are administered via Application is open all year.
    Requests for grants are restricted to the fields of Nanotechnology, Medical sciences, Information Technology, Agriculture Biotechnology, Material Sciences, Biological Sciences, Frontier Areas of Science and Technology. There are 2 cycles of grants every year : January and July. Application form may be downloaded at the link provided.
  8. Horizon 2020
    The European Union is one of the biggest sponsors of academic research in the world. Through its Horizon 2020 programme, which started earlier this year, the EU has set aside around 70 billion Euros to support research and innovation overt the next six years. In contrast to previous funding calls (the so-called Framework Programmes), individual researchers in non-EU countries can apply for funding through Horizon 2020. The easiest route to accessing funding is to see whether you can contribute to one of the already published “calls” (follow the link to funding opportunities: see top left-hand panel) and then submitting your individual proposal for projects under those calls.
  1. Ecuador Prometeus Project
    To do Registration (on website) is needed to proceed with application.
  2. Alexandor von Humboldt Foundation
    Various sponsorship programmes are available. Interested candidates may perform search based on current academic position/qualification on the website to see the list of eligible programmes.
  3. Taiwan Fellowship 2014
    Interested staff members are to apply on the website.  Application guidelines and procedures are found on the website. RO needs to send a copy of the application forms with related documents ie personal CV, research proposal, and 2 reference letters for preliminary evaluation after the completion of online registration to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia.  Deadline of submission to RO is June 2

*Current Research Student, please refer to VINE, Sunway Education Group's intranet for more information

Postgraduate student Supervision Workshop Slides

First Session

Second Session


Scholarship for Sunway University Postgraduate by Research (NEW)

Progress Evaluation Form (NEW)

Application form

Recommendation form


Ethics Approval (new)
SOP for PGR student
Animal Welfare Proforma
Animal Welfare Appendix

PGR Student Conference Support

Application form

Student Travel Request Form

Research Skills

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