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Research Centre for Nano-Materials and Energy Technology


To be a leading research centre in nano-materials, energy efficiency, and sustainable energy through innovative research, product development, and service to society.


  • To conduct innovative research and provide training and consultancy in the area of nano-materials and energy
  • To develop new nano-materials for sustainable energy solutions
  • To establish local and international collaborations with leading organisations in the field
  • To product highly-trained people to serve the sustainable energy industry and other related industries and government agencies

Research Work

There is growing demand for clean and sustainable energy worldwide. Renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydrogen and bio-mass, have immense prospects for increased environmental protection while at the same time contributing to ever growing demand for energy. Advanced technologies are required to enhance existing renewable energy production and storage capabilities. Particularly, solar energy systems which have been demonstrating tremendous potential, lack efficiency. Nano-materials that are known for their outstanding properties play a vital role in improving the efficiency of various energy storage and conversion processes at Sunway University. The Research Centre for Nano-materials and Energy Technology (RCNMET) is involved in the design, development, synthesis and testing of different nano-materials. These advanced nano-materials will be used to enhance various energy production and storage systems. Therefore, the main goal is to develop nano-materials-based new technology for sustainable energy.

The Centre is engaged in postgraduate supervision in the area of nano-materials, energy efficiency, renewable energy, climate change issues and other related areas. The Centre provides training through lectures, workshops, seminars and short courses. The Centre is open to local and international collaborations, consultancy and nano-material testing services.

Key research topics

  • Nano-carbon allotropes
  • Nano-fluids
  • Nano-coolants
  • Solar-thermal energy harvesting
  • Phase-change materials
  • Energy policy and management


Professor Saidur Rahman
Distinguished Research Professor and Head of the Centre.

Dr. Samir Hassani
Research Fellow

Dr. Abdul Khaliq Rasheed
Research Fellow


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