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Research Centre for Crystalline Materials



To be a highly visible and productive National Centre of Excellence for crystallographic research in molecular materials, that is also internationally recognised as being at the forefront of research in chemical crystallography/crystal engineering.


To produce high-quality data to enable the establishment of atomic connectivity and conformation of molecular compounds.  To rationalise experimental molecular structure and determine the interplay between this and the crystalline manifold.  To determine, understand and predict the modes of association between molecules in crystals with the ultimate aim of designing crystal structures with desirable materials properties.

Core Initiatives

The Centre will be a focus for the synthesis of new molecules for applications ranging from nanoparticle generation to developing therapeutic agents (anti-cancer, anti-microbial, anti-viral, etc.)  Structure determination by spectroscopic methods will be augmented by single crystal structure analysis.  The overarching emphasis will be on the analysis of supramolecular association in order to rationalise the way molecules are connected, to discover new supramolecular synthons and to construct a hierarchy of importance for these.

The Centre will welcome consultancy in terms of collaboration but, also “fee-for service” – there is a ready-made market in Malaysia amongst the academic institutions for crystallographic services.  Other facilities, e.g. NMR, thermal characterisation, powder X-ray diffraction (PXRD) and CHN analysis, are also envisaged to be in demand. Interest from Industry is likely to focus upon PXRD.


Prof. Dr Edward R.T. Tiekink
Distinguished Professor & Head - Research Centre for Crystalline Materials

Prof. Dr Lo Kong Mun
Adjunct Professor Research Centre for Crystalline Materials

Dr Annie Lee See Mun
Senior Research Fellow


Dr Ally Yeo Chien Ing
Research Fellow

Dr Tan Yee Seng
Research Fellow

Samuel Ooi Kah Kooi
Research Assistant


Dr Alan Tan Sang Loon
Research Fellow

Ms. Tan Yi Jiun
(Master Student)

Mr. Ooi Zhi Yao
(Master Student)


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