Sunway University is committed to providing top-quality professional development opportunities to meet the demands of today's workforce. Our comprehensive program offerings range from professional development workshops to short courses, all delivered through innovative training methods.

We take a tailored approach to learning and customizing content to match the unique needs of each individual or organization. By offering a dynamic and supportive learning environment, we aim to empower individuals to achieve their professional goals and thrive in their careers. 

Short Courses

Why Short Courses?

Short courses offer a range of benefits to individuals looking to further their careers and personal development or to organizations and corporates seeking to bolster their manpower with invaluable, futureproof 21st century skills.

Are you a...

Are you a corporate client seeking professional skilling opportunities for your team or an individual seeking academic achievements? Short courses in Sunway University are custom tailored upskilling and training solutions for both, corporate and individual clients.