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Mikhail Hendro

Mikhail Hendro

Mikhail Hendro
Diploma inHospitality & Tourism Management

Growing up on a tiny Island in Batam, Indonesia, I was enriched with many cultures and languages. It has always been my dream to further my studies overseas because I wanted see the world and make friends of different cultures. Enrolling in the Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management was like a dream come true. I made many friends from Korea, China, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and even Botswana.

After completing my Diploma, I furthered my Business degree with Cardiff Metropolitan University and graduated with First Class Honours.

I am currently entrusted to lead the Sales Team in my region for Procter and Gamble (P&G). Here, I get to manage and develop growth for multibillion dollar brands such as Pantene, Pampers and Gillette. With the given resources, I am responsible to improve market share through understanding consumers, effective penetration strategy, promotion and brand communication. With that, I am able to match both brand and store’s positioning to create sparks of business growth.

I heard many people say, I wasted 4 years sitting and heating the college bench just for a piece of paper. For me, taking anything for granted is the worst thing to do. Everything I learnt on campus has indeed turned into assets in my career life. I also believe in the motto of “Work Hard Play Hard”. Go out and make as many friends as possible, don’t be choosy because you will learn new things only from new people. Have fun!

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