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Meet Ups

Meet Ups



Meet your fellow alumni and build a strong network to develop yourself and enhance your skills. It is always a joy to find out you come from the same institution and reminisce about the old times. This unique alumni network can support you throughout your life – whether to build your career, to develop your business, or to grow your social network.

Join us for:

Homecoming High Tea
Targeted to the graduating students for each year, this event allows young graduates the chance to network with each other and catch up after a short time apart. It is also a good opportunity to meet up with the lecturers and staff who were so supportive during their time in university.

Dinner with 12 Strangers
A cozy evening getting to know fellow alumni you may have never met before. It is a great opportunity to make new friends and build new career connections. Come as strangers, leave as friends!

What can be more iconic for alumni than to have reunions? Meet up with your old classmates and talk about how fast time has flown. Who knows, some of your lecturers may still be around! If you’d like to organise one, just get in touch with us!

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