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Lim Fang Hao

Lim Fang Hao

Lim Fang Hao
American Degree Transfer Program

I graduated in Microbiology, with a minor in Emerging Global Diseases. I transferred to Iowa State University through the American Degree Transfer Program (Center for American Education) at Sunway University.

After graduating from Iowa State University in May 2015, I applied for several entry level positions throughout The States. Unfortunately, my work authorisation was rejected by the Department of Homeland Security, which led me to return home.

I spent my remaining days in the US with friends, volunteering at the Ames Public Library and even travelled via university-sponsored trips. During that span of time, I visited 25 out of 50 states there. Not a bad tally, in my opinion!

Now that I am back to reality, I am still looking for a job pertaining to my major which is in the realm of healthcare. In the meantime, I have committed more time in writing for my personal blog and hopefully submit some of my work to Readers’ Digest as well.

What I have gained in the last four years at Sunway University has helped me to adapt to such changes at different stages of life. The two key lessons I have learnt was networking and personal growth. Sunway University’s student-centric campus broadened my social and professional network while the lecturers played a big role in my personal growth.

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