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Lancaster Winter Leadership Programme 2017

Lancaster Winter Leadership Programme 2017

By Chow Shenn Kuan, 3rd year student, BSc (Hons) Business Management

In March this year, 14 Sunway University students under the Lancaster Winter Leadership Programme 2017, along with Mok Chuang Chin from Sunway Student LIFE spent a fortnight in Lancaster University, United Kingdom (U.K.).

The Lancaster Winter Programme is a 2-week annual programme which focuses on helping students develop international mind sets, transferable and employability skills.

Hosted by the Lancaster University Students’ Union, the group had the opportunity to experience Lancaster University campus life during the term time. Students also had the opportunity to participate in various activities while the university was in session. Highlights of the programme include community outreach, academic insights, politics, business and enterprise interaction, environmental volunteering and leadership.

Buckingham Palace – Students also visited the Buckingham Palace during their one-day trip to London.

Chow Shenn Kuan, currently in the 2nd year of BSc (Hons) Business Management programme who was on the trip commented that the programme was a life-changing experience. She believes the exchange programme can help one discover and uncover another culture’s diversity and uniqueness. “I would definitely recommend our Sunway students to broaden their horizons by participating in the plethora of opportunities abroad.”

Sharing her experience at Lancaster University, Chow shared that she enjoyed the Politics Day as she had the opportunity to visit the Lancaster City Council and also participate in a mock-parliament debate session. “We were divided into Liberal Democrats, Scottish National Party, Conservative Party and Labour Party and debated on Article 50(2) and the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017. We also discussed on the political and socio-economic consequences of Brexit.”

Courtesy Visit to the Lancaster City Council – The group had the opportunity to visit the Lancaster City Council

Under the programme, a casual meeting was also conducted with the lecturers and students of Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) and Sunway University Business School (SUBS) where both parties exchanged insights and compared the academic modules of both schools.

Chow is one of 5 students offered a scholarship award to participate in the exchange programme. Prior to the programme, Chow has been actively involved in hosting the students from Lancaster University to Sunway University for the past two years through the Sunway Cultural Exchange’s Buddy Programme.


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