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Joshua Yee

Joshua Yee

The time-savvy business graduate

Joshua Yee
Bsc (Hons) Business Management

Joshua Yee is a caffeine dependent life-form. I want to live in a world where cars can fly, Windows Operating System was never invented – Mac, the best OS ever! – and iPhones are cheaper. I was born into a Chinese family in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. I spend most of my free time reading, playing football, and drinking coffee whenever I can. I also sing and play the electric guitar for my church.

After completing the Australian Matriculation in Sunway, I stayed on in Sunway University to pursue my degree in Business Management. Today, I possess the BSc (Hon) in Business Management, and I am proud to be a Sunway Alumni. My study life at Sunway University has shaped me to become more focused, and a stronger individual. Having also been very active in my local church while juggling my assignments and exams, I learned the ability to manage my time wisely, as well as maintaining the standard of my work.

Upon graduation, I spent a brief period in Naga DDB – a high-profile advertising agency – before deciding to take my career into a different direction. Today, I am a Project Analyst in Leaderonomics, currently involved in the Campus Division.

Since joining Leaderonomics, I have led programmes for university students, and co-developed business simulations that enhance student learning in a more experiential and meaningful way. I feel passionate when I see young people realise their true potential, leading them to take realistic steps to pursue their dreams.

My message to Students
Do not be influenced by what people say and think about you! Peer pressure is real – but we can kick it in the butt! Remember: what you study does not necessarily determine where you end up in the future. So do everything in moderation, and remember to have a balanced life!

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