Programme Structure

Part 1: Digital Economy

  • Unit 1: Embracing the Digital Economy
  • Unit 2: The Features of Digital Economy
  • Unit 3: Business Paradigm Shift
  • Unit 4: Transformation of the Traditional Industry
  • Unit 5: Transformation of the Organisation

Part 2: Digital Entrepreneurship

  • Unit 6: Digital Business Start-up
  • Unit 7: Customer-Centric Marketing in eCommerce
  • Unit 8: Customer-Centric Business Operations
  • Unit 9: Cross Border e-Commerce Simulation Platform
  • Unit 10: Pitching and Raising Early Stage Investment for Digital Business

Students are expected to make business decision based on business reports, countries statistics, policies, customer survey, etc. By the end of Part 1 students need to identify a business that they would want to bring online. By the end of Part 2 students would be required to start their own digital business.


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