Programme Structure

Part 1: Digital Economy

  • Unit 1: Embracing the Digital Economy
  • Unit 2: The Features of Digital Economy
  • Unit 3: Business Paradigm Shift
  • Unit 4: Transformation of the Organisation
  • Unit 5: Transformation of an Industry


Part 2: Digital Entrepreneurship

  • Unit 1: Holistic View of Business
  • Unit 2: Human-Centric Product & Service Development Process
  • Unit 3: Mission-Driven Entrepreneurship
  • Unit 4: Digital Marketing
  • Unit 5: Pitching for Investment
  • Unit 6: Cross-Border eCommerce Simulation Platform

Students are expected to make business decision based on business reports, countries statistics, policies, customer survey, etc. By the end of Part 1 students need to identify a business that they would want to bring online. By the end of Part 2 students would be required to start their own digital business.