Industry-ready Engineering Graduates

At Sunway University, we prepare our engineering graduates to be industry-ready.

The Bachelor of Electronic and Electrical Engineering (BEEE) programme trains future engineering professionals to specialize in electrical and electronic equipment, interfaces, and communications. Upon their graduation, our graduates may straight dive into their jobs armed with strong technical knowledge and hands-on practical exposure. They may venture into various industries such as electronics, telecommunications, robotics, computer engineering, power systems, medical equipment, and more.

Graduates from the Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (BCHE) programme are prepared with knowledge of natural, experimental, and life sciences as well as aspects of mathematics and economics to investigate problems and design solutions for issues such as safety, efficiency, and sustainability. When they join the workforce, they are ready to pioneer new materials and tackle the technologies of the future, design equipment for chemical manufacturing and develop and manage industrial processes that turn raw materials into the most valuable products. They may venture into many exciting career options in various industries and sectors including petroleum refining, plastics, paint, energy industries, textiles, food processing, cosmetics, biotechnology, water treatment, pharmaceuticals, and environmental engineering.

The Department of Engineering at the School of Engineering and Technology was established in early 2020 to prepare and host the BEEE and the BCHE programmes. These programmes are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC) Malaysia and the Malaysian Quality Agency (MQA). 

Professor Serge Demidenko, the Dean of the School was quoted in the news, “We aim to be at the core of the process of growing high capacity skilful specialists for the bright technological tomorrow. Developing and implementing new top-quality Engineering programmes have been imperative. This extension of our academic offerings has been underpinned by the School’s profound success in the domains of computing and information systems. Our excellence in the field was acknowledged by the Premier Digital Tech Institutions (PDTI) status awarded to Sunway University by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). It has been also based on the strong support from the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation, world-class level of our research activities, cooperation with the industry, and close links with the leading international academic institutions.”

Different engineering teaching laboratories were built to launch the BEEE programme in August 2021 and the BCHE programme in April 2022. Among the first lab facilities were the physics and electronics labs. This was followed by the organic and physical chemistry labs, which were completed in early 2022. The engineering students got to use the brand-new equipment and facilities to learn and practice fundamental topics in Engineering. The design of the laboratories also provided an enhanced and personalised learning experience. Practical sessions are kept in a smaller number of students to give them more attention and guidance from the instructors.


Professor Lau Sian Lun
School of Engineering and Technology