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Centre for Research Creation in Digital Media



This Centre for Research-Creation in Digital Media (CRCDM) was established in order to foster a media research/creation (R-C) environment at Sunway University. It is a transdisciplinary hub for creative digital media within the University with local and international partners forming collaboratories, both physical and virtual, cutting across time and space. Starting up, it will be aligned with (but not limited to) the School of Arts and related Departments. It will evolve rapidly to be inclusive of other schools and departments to generate digital media content R&D across the University. CRCDM will assemble a transdisciplinary team of media researchers and creative designers with an extensive background in industry and education, to forge the applications and content required to introduce and support creative digital media initiatives at Sunway University and across the Sunway Group.


The Centre seeks to be a cornerstone for transformative digital media research, scholarship, transcultural collaboration, metadesign and innovation to advance Sunway University onto the global new media-scape.


  • To facilitate synergy in creative media arts and sciences, cultivating an innovative media research-creation environment
  • To create significant transdisciplinary collaborations with key local and international centres, labs, and institutes to catalyze new partnerships.
  • To motivate a new generation of students and researchers in the domain of creative digital media (CDM) merging core attributes of the arts, sciences, humanities, media, and technology.


The CRCDM research agenda comprises four linked thematic research areas:

  • Area 1: Post-Digital Media Research-Creation: This research theme bears a special relationship to the rest. The focus and overall direction for content creation is led from Research Theme 1. Most of the content processed by other research themes is developed here.
  • Area 2:  Digital Heritage and Culture: With the components of high fidelity image capture, processing, post-production, and display.
  • Area 3: Digital Humanities - Arts, Teaching and Research-Creation: In partnership with the Master of Arts Digital Humanities (MADH) programme in the School of Arts
  • Area 4: Cyberanthropology, Exploring the Cultural Imaginary: Public interactives, new forms of content presentation and knowledge mobilization, both within and outside the University.


Inaugural Projects for 2016 * several of these projects have external funding.

  1. Atlas of Maritime Buddhism Partnership – Multi-partner Australia Research Council (ARC) grant, world touring immersive exhibition 2016-17, publications, documentaries.
  2. ACT – Aging, Communication & Technology - Member of a Multi-partner SSHRC (Canada) 7-year partnership grant, $2.9 mil. at Concordia University Montreal.
  3. “handbook” Project – Sub project of ACT, (RM35,000) grant, publications, exhibition, 6 prototype documentaries. VSMM 2016 International Conference IEEE paper(s) and ACT Annual Conference, 2016.
  4. Chinese Boat Builders of Pangkor Island – CRCDM project, documentary, book publication, Intermedia Exhibition @ VSMM 2016 ~ 17-21.10.16
  5. Master of Arts – Digital Humanities Programme Development (MA_DH) with Lancaster University.
  6. VSMM 2016 - International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia co-organized with FST,
  7. TTPK3 - Textile Talkes of Pua Kumbu (A Collaborative Polysensory Intermedia Exhibition) - @ VSMM 2016 ~ 17-21.10.16


Professor Harold Thwaites
Head of Centre

Delas Santano – Audio Visual Producer

Zi Siang See - Imography Designer

Human Esmaeili - 3D Visualization-Multi-Media Designer

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