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Centre for Higher Education Research



The Centre for Higher Education Research (CHER) at Sunway University aims to make a significant contribution to the development of research and scholarship on higher education. Foci include research into the development of quality education, including world’s best practices, the enhancement of student learning and the academic experience, teacher and curriculum development, as well as of the higher education system.

The Centre's work is multi-disciplinary in approach, utilising understandings and methodologies from areas such as sociology, linguistics, economics and information technology in responding to educational issues.

Staff of the Centre have expertise in progressive higher education pedagogy, access and equity to post-secondary education, assessment of student learning, research-led teaching and learning, and technology in higher education.

The Centre seeks national and international linkages with institutions and academic staff for joint higher research.

Areas of Activity


We are available to undertake a range of consultancy projects on issues in higher education policy, management, teaching, student learning and curriculum development, disciplinary identities and the academic profession.


We conduct research into higher education and its enhancement. Topics of interest include expectations of stakeholders, access and equity, diversity of students, best practice teaching approaches including blended learning, governmental requirements and quality approaches, assessment of learning and curriculum development.


We publish articles and books that contribute to the research literature and other scholarly output.


We are available to design and present training programmes in educational and organisational settings on issues to do with staff advancement.


We provide symposiums and seminars to explore educational issues in higher education.

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Academic visitors

We welcome visitors from Malaysia and around the world. Please visit us if you are in Kuala Lumpur, and visitors are welcome to present papers on their research at Sunway University.



Professor Glenda Marian Crosling
Head, CHER

Annyza Tumar
Head, Teaching & Learning

Dr Graeme Atherton
Adjunct Professor

Associate Members

Annyza Tumar
Head, Academic Enhancement Division
Sunway University

Dr. Ann Rosnida Md Deni
Manager, Educational Development
Academic Enhancement Division
Sunway University

Dr. Angela Lee Siew Hoong
Senior Lecturer,
Department of Computing and Information Systems,
School of Science and Technology,
Sunway University.

Dr. Ann Marie Houghton
Teaching Fellow and Director of  REAP (Researching Equity, Access and Participation),
Department of Educational Research,
Lancaster University.

Dr. Ann Rosnida Md Deni
Centre for English Language Studies,
Sunway University.

Dr Chan Nee Nee
Head, Department of Communication and Liberal Arts
School of Arts
Sunway University

Dr Chi Baik
Senior Lecturer in Higher Education
Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education
The University of Melbourne

Cheng Mien Wee
Executive Director,
Sunway International School and
Pre-university Studies, Sunway College.

Professor Don Passey
Professor of Technology Enhanced Learning and Director,
Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning,
Department of Educational  Research,
Lancaster University.

Professor Leong Choon Heng
Deputy Director,
Jeffrey Sachs Center on Sustainable Development,
Sunway University.

Professor Mahendhiran Nair
Deputy President (Strategy),
Monash University Malaysia.

Assoc. Prof. Santha Vaithilingam
School of Business,
Monash University Malaysia.

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