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Centre for Innovation and Industrial Linkage


The Centre for Innovation and Industrial Linkage has been to operate as a Centre within the School of Science and Technology. The Centre will provide a focus for industry-related projects and activities, for research collaboration with industry partners and for the commercialisation of research. 

To be an innovative and enterprising Centre that links the university and industry together to promote enhanced research collaborations through industry-linked research funding, with a view of commercializing university research.


  1. The Centre will play a major role in promoting cross-disciplinary academic, specialised skill-based and entrepreneurial programmes in the Faculty of Science and Technology.
  2. The Centre will facilitate collaboration between staff and industry partners, providing business incubation and creating start-ups and spin-off companies emerging from the work of our staff and students, research groups and industry partners.      
  3. The Centre will enable and accelerate the growth of emerging innovative companies for the purpose of creating jobs and promoting entrepreneurial economic development endeavours.
  4. The Centre will forge, maintain and develop close links between industry, research and academia to encourage increased technology transfer and open innovations, by supporting the presence of academics and researchers at the Innovation Centre, where they can work directly with industry on site and further afield.

Services provided by the centre     

The Centre provides the following services:

  • To promote innovation and enhance research collaborations with industry
  • To collaborate with entrepreneurs and potential companies
  • To educate, nurture students and staff and develop innovations useful for the transformation of Malaysia into high-income society
  • To collaboratively develop and implement industry relevant educational programmes, workshops, and seminars for students, clients and entrepreneurs
  • To provide innovative product counselling to entrepreneurs
  • To deliver short courses and other programmes, events or activities that encourage entrepreneurship, innovation, and business creation
  • To coordinate Faculty and student consulting teams, training programmes, communications, and professional resources
  • To create a network of partners and resources for client companies including private companies, business support organizations, lending institutions, venture capital, and angel networks
  • To provide guidance to clients on intellectual property and technology transfer issues

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