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Sunway Career Services, the core of Sunway Career Services, is designed to equip students with the right tools and essential skills, aiming to create 'employable' graduates so as to prepare them for the working world. Through our programmes and activities, we also hope to foster good partnerships with employers in supporting their recruitment needs.

We encourage you to explore our services by visiting the links below according to your interest as a student (current, prospective or alumni) or an employer.

Jumpstart Your Career

Sunway Career Services provides a range of services that caters to all students at the campus, from the pre-universities right up to postgraduates. Our activities are designed in a way to achieve our 3 main objectives:

  • eQUIP students with essential skills
  • eNHANCE student's career development in the working world
  • eMPOWER students to take confident steps in building their career

Career Guidance

Career Assessment We use an online assessment tool in order to help students clarify their interests and skills in exploring career options. If you are interested to take the career assessment test with us, just make an appointment with us.

Not sure if your resume is good enough to impress employers?

Send in your resume to us for a critique and we will give you constructive feedback upon reviewing your resume.

Just submit your resume accordingly!

Mock Interview Session

Get a feel of an actual Job Interview through our Mock Interview sessions via role play.

Find out how to handle and answer tough questions frequently asked by employers during interview.

You will also receive feedback on your ‘performance’ and areas for improvement. 

Career Advisory Confuse over your future career path? Let us assist you! Just make an appointment with us and we will have a one to one career consultation with you.

Career Exploration

Career Talk & In-House Interview

Explore career opportunities of various MNCs or Conglomerates by attending their Company Presentations. Not only will you learn about the career prospects available, you will also get a glimpse on the background and operations of the Company.

Job Shadow Day Explore your career interests and learn about various career by being the ‘shadow’ of an employee for the day. 
Career Exploration Trip Sunway Career Services also organises exploration trips to different companies whereby it is a mixture of Company presentation, exhibitions and office tour. This provides you a platform/an opportunity to explore further on various industries/professions. 

Job Placement

Career Fair

Sunway Career Services organises an annual Career Fair where you can explore your career options/opportunities and meet up with prospective employers. This is an ideal place where you get to be better informed of "What's out there for you?".

Internship Want to gain work experience during your semester breaks? Sunway Career Services assist in the coordination of internships for interested students and have at least 10 weeks break to participate in the internship programme. 
Do contact us for further enquiries
Top Graduate Search

Sunway Career Services also provides a more personalized service to top graduating students to prepare them in meeting the demands of the various industries. You will also have the opportunity to attend exclusive events to meet top-notch employers.

You are a Top Graduate if you have the following:

  1. Minimum CGPA of 3.0; or marks average of at least 60%
  2. Active and hold leadership roles in Extra-Curricular Activities 


As student development is a life long process, we look into the student's developmental needs and desire to train them throughout their campus experience. We hold various training workshops throughout the year and often times source for professional and experienced speakers to perform the training. Some of our trainings are:

Soft Skills & Employability Develop and improve skills that are important in today’s job market. Learn from experienced or trained professionals to enhance your employability
Resume Writing Workshops & Critique Don’t know how to write a resume? We will help you as we conduct resume writing workshops. After that we also offer critique services as well.
Job Interview Role-Plays Get a feel of an actual Job Interview through Role-Play sessions. Find out how to handle and answer tough questions often asked by HR Professionals. Also receive feedback on your ‘performance’ and areas for improvement.
Pre-Internship Trainings This is where we prepare students before they go on an internship programme. Our pre-internship trainings cover areas such as from classroom to office, grooming, managing expectations, job preview, time management and other related areas. We usually partner with the school with internship programmes in organising this training programme.

Sunway Career Services strives to ensure that Sunway University produces quality graduates by fostering partnerships with the industry, the esteemed employers. We aim to partner and support employers in their recruitment efforts by creating opportunities for both employers and students in various exploration activities. 

Sunway Career Services welcomes and values a partnership with your esteemed firm. For further enquiries, please feel free to contact us at


Internships Internship is an excellent means to discover potential employees and promote the organisation. Sunway University has students pursuing various fields of studies including business administration, accounting, IT, computer science, psychology, human resource, marketing and many more, who are keen to gain working experience through an internship programme. If you have internship opportunities within your organisation and would like to participate in our internship programme, do contact us for the Internship Schedule and Infomation
Top Graduate Search Are you looking for and hiring only the BEST? We will be happy to assist in your search for the top and brightest of the school. Just inform us your requirements and we’d be glad to discuss further on your needs.

Career Talks & Visits

If you are interested in any of the below, kindly contact us at and we would be happy to discuss further on the arrangements. 

Career Talk

Sunway Career Services invites you to come and give career talks to our students. This will form a good platform to create awareness of your esteemed organisation as well as assist your recruitment effort.

The best time for Career Talks are March – May and August – October. We would also be glad to assist you in customising your session for a more effective outreach.

Company Visit

Sunway Career Services also organises career exploration in a more proactive and exciting manner in the form of company visits.  

Here, we bring students to your premises whereby we hope to expose our students on what the organisation does and career opportunities available. If you are keen to open your doors for a friendly visit, do let us know and we can make the necessary arrangements.


We welcome professionals from the industry who are keen to share their knowledge, experiences and insights to conduct a talk to our students.

These talks will value-add in promoting your esteemed organisation and could also be a good strategy in looking out for potential employees.

Among the talks which we organise are:

  • Resume / Job Interview Preparation 
  • Employer Expectations
  • Financial Planning
  • Grooming
  • Leadership skills         

If you are interested do contact us at

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