Automatic Waste Management Network/Database

This research aimed at exploring the possibilities of technology involvement in household waste management facilities in existing high-rise residential buildings. This includes feasibility study for introducing specifically designed waste disposal/collection utilities operating as a network in which, all information related to disposed items are tracked, stored, and shared between resource management agencies and related authorities.

A virtual prototype was developed in this study. The prototype was used to conduct a user acceptance test target Sunway Property High-Rise Residential Buildings. With more than 96% positive response, this project is opening a new window to the next-gen household waste management facilities in High-rise buildings.

This research project was funded by Sunway University (research grant: INTS-2017- SOA-CRCDM- 03). For more details please contact the project principal investigator, Human Esmaeili.

Prior work relevant to this project including technical data: Automated network for knowledge transfer between resource management agencies: Real-time monitoring/database for household waste management in high-rise residential buildings in Malaysia:

Researcher: Human Esmaeili



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