Makam Sultan Hussin Shah: A VR Museum Experience 2017

This project presents the development of a room-scale Virtual Reality (VR) cultural heritage experience, embodied in a transmedia storytelling approach to show museology VR content in a public setting. This project featured an ancient sultan’s tomb presented as a three dimensional model of the artefact (the tomb) reproduced using photogrammetry from the actual heritage site in Malacca. The main subject of this project, Sultan Hussin Shah (1776-1835) was best remembered for signing two treaties with Britain which culminated in the founding of modern Singapore; during which he was given recognition as “Sultan Hussein Muadzam Shah, Raja of Johor” (National Library Board Singapore, 2017)

A reimagined ancient virtual forest environment was built to compliment Makam Sultan Hussin where the king rests in peace. SteamVR was used to create the room-scale VR as it allows visitors to walk around in the virtual environment and interact with some dynamic objects in the scene. In the context of preserving the physical data set for the cultural heritage site, the VR prototype of this project involved photogrammetry scanning of the tomb in Malacca, and a reconstructed scene with a forest landscape of the tomb area.

The key contribution of this project was to explore VR elements and usability elements that allow for a compelling digital reproduction of this heritage site. This work will seed a new version of a VR Museum.



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