A Full Immersive Recycling VR Challenge

The main idea is to control another character in VR. Although controlling a third person character is not new, having it right in front of our face is not something that we can experience in traditional computer games. This creates the sense of controlling RC robots in the reality. For this purpose, a third person bottle character was developed. The bottle is angry because it doesn’t want to be recycled. The player’s task is to use the Virtual RC to control the character and forcing him to jump into the recycling container.

The experience includes multiple Unity scenes guiding the users from start to finish (win or lose). The game has been developed using SteamVR interaction system mainly for HTC Vive and WMR HMDs. For more technical details you can contact the developer (Human Esmaeili). This game was presented/experienced for the first time during the Malaysia’s biggest United Nations Concert/Event ‘Rock the Goals’ held on 25th September 2019 in Sunway University. To see the details related to the event please go to [Malaysia’s First Full Immersive Recycling VR Game Event.]






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