The Unseen Arts in the Malay Culture and Heritage

This key project aims to research and digitize specific samples of tangible and intangible Malay Culture and Heritage, that has typically been overlooked or disregarded. Examples of Malay culture and heritage exemplars of merit will be identified and included in the overall research project’s fieldwork documentation. Once a collection of both tangible and intangible heritage is identified, data collection will be conducted comprising HD visual capture, sound capture, photogrammetry and 3-dimensional scanning.

Artefacts ranging from literature story scripts to crafts or built heritage will be curated into an archive through the digitization process. They will also be captured in line with the current methodology guidelines of UNESCO. Together, intangible heritage such as rituals or ceremonies, performances and processes will form a substantial “living archive” that can then be added to in the following years through partnerships and eventually crowdsourcing.





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