Folklore Stories

The research aims to create an immersive system that will showcase the output of the Reimagining of Malaysian Folklore Stories. Folklore stories in Malaysia have been traditionally passed down from generations verbally by the elders. There are only a handful of folklore stories that have been documented, either as a comic story such as the Kancil or a book of Mah Meri moyang stories (words and few if any visuals). Stories from many other sub-group in Malaysian Culture and Heritage still reside in the minds of the elders. The project’s area of research are: selection/curating and reimagining of stories from Malaysian culture and heritage that could lead to developing a prototype of an immersive-interactive display system for the stories. With the globalization and the internet, these continued existence of such stories faces a threat. This project initiatives a starting point for a database on the Malaysian Folklore Stories, upon the completion of the system prototype that can then begin to crowd source expanded content.

Researcher: Delas Santano




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