25 Oct

VSMM 2016: Proceedings available at IEEE Xplore

The International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia (VSMM) is a premier world forum for the presentation of research on 3D acquisition, multimedia visualization, interaction technologies and their applications.

22 Oct

Macro Photography Workshop

Macro photography is the art of capturing extremely small subjects in a way they appear greater than their life size in the photograph. Macro photography can be done using dedicated macro lenses which are pretty expensive.

22 Oct

Designing Compelling AR and VR Experiences

This workshop taught attendees how to design compelling Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences for head mounted displays (HMD) and handheld devices.

22 Oct

UPS & Downs of Aerial Drones

The DJI Phantom II is an entry level Quad-Copter that is readily available for any consumer from hobbyist to videographers. The GPS stabilization technology allows for better control of this Quad-propeller drone.

22 Oct

From BradPhys to BradViz: the move from archaeological to heritage sciences

Archaeology is a broad church and its role as a “two culture” discipline is frequently cited. This position at the interface of the arts and sciences remains central to archaeological activity but there have been significant changes in the structure of archaeology and its relationship to society overall.

22 Oct

Data Sculpting & Deep Mapping: New Paradigms in Omnidirectional VR

The CEO of Intel Brian Kraznich said in 2014 “We are in the midst of a transformation, from a world of screens and devices to a world of immersive experiences.” This presentation will examine new paradigms for transforming digital archives into a series of omnispatial, omnidirectional and hemispheric immersive experiences.

22 Oct

Using AR and VR to Create Empathic Experiences

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies can be used to create experiences that either enhance the user’s real space to transport the user to an immersive computer generated space.

22 Oct

Sensors everywhere, the Internet of Things in New Media

The Internet of Things (IoT) is fueling innovation in many areas of our lives.

22 Oct

Visualisation Meets Assistive Tech: VR, AR, drones, and their potential for human communication

Projects underway, including several Marie Curie Post-Doctoral projects in the area of Assistive Tech for People with Intellectual Disabilities-Autism, have applied novel uses of Virtual Worlds, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Future Forsighting Models and tools, and Drones in interdisciplinary research to enhance and extend the human potential of ALL people, regardless of intellectual, cognitive, physical or other abilities (and super-powers).

22 Oct

UP CLOSE: Living Wild! African Wildlife Through the Lens of NJ Wight

Photographing wildlife presents unique aesthetic and technical challenges. NJ Wight has taken more than 80 game drives across 6 countries to observe and record the magnificence and minutia of African wildlife.



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