2017: SEG TV Commercial for Branding Department.
2017: SEG 30th Anniversary Event Video Montage for Branding Department.
2017: MARDI VR360 Workshop for IT Department.
2017: Sunway TES Audit Simulation shoot and Video Promo for Conference.
2017-18 Prof Matthew Sansom Sunway Pyramid Mall – Car Park Escalator Stack Art consultant, Audio and Video design
Oasis rainforest design for multi-level multimedia installation 14-channel audio and video wall concept, design and implementation
2018: Sunway Pyramid Mall – Main Entrance Art consultant, Audio design Ambient transition space for new ‘air-lock’ zone 6-channel audio concept, design and implementation
2018: RHB Bank Video Production Workshop for Corporate Communication Department.
2018: IT Department Desktop / Laptop Video Guide with AR. 2018-2019:
Consulting service to Centre for Asia Leadership in setting up their video production team and workflow.
2019: Sunway Pyramid Mall – Car Park Escalator Stack Advisory art consultant for 2019 remodelling.
2019: Sunway University Augmented Reality Academic Prospectus and Research Prospectus for Branding Department and SU Press.
2019: Augmented Reality Workshop for Sunway Education Group - 100 Staff, organized by HR Department.
2019: IT Department ThinkB4Print Campaign
2019: Consulting service for School of Science and Technology Section: Department of Biological Sciences, in VR Lab Simulations for their teaching and learning programme.
2019: Sunway Foundation Programme Mini AR workshop for Foundation Students with Preedha R.Govindasamy of SFP Programme.
2019: Sunway Property Management - Section: Implementing a VR showcase instead of physical real size property units currently being used in their gallery.


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