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Experience a few of our Augmented Reality applications, produced for Research-Creation Projects in the domain of Malaysian Culture and Heritage.



ARVIZ is an AR Application that allows users to interact with culture and heritage AR content. Users may use the app together with the ARVIZ booklet that is available to download from here. You may print the booklet at your own convenience. Alternatively, we also distribute the hardcopy ARVIZ booklet when you are on our campus.

This application was developed by the Centre for Research-Creation in Digital Media (CRCDM), in the School of Arts at Sunway University.

It is a compilation of content captured and processed as part of our on-going projects. CRCDM embarks upon research-creation projects mainly in the domain of culture and heritage.

As more work is completed and results generated, additional AR content will be updated in the app.



Folklore Story

The research aims to create an immersive system that will showcase the output of the Reimagining of Malaysian Folklore Stories. Folklore stories in Malaysia have been traditionally passed down from generations verbally by the elders. There are only a handful of folklore stories that have been documented, either as a comic story such as the Kancil or a book of Mah Meri moyang stories (words and few if any visuals). Stories from many other sub-group in Malaysian Culture and Heritage still reside in the minds of the elders. The two main stages of the research are: selection/curating and reimagining 5 stories from Malaysian culture and heritage, and developing a prototype of an immersive-interactive display system for the stories. With the globalization and the internet, these continued existence of such stories faces a threat. This project initiatives a starting point for a database on the Malaysian Folklore Stories, upon the completion of the system prototype that can then begin to crowd source expanded content.

Kindly please download soft copy version of Folklore Storybook and scan it with this app.



The Hainan Boatbuilder of Pangkor Island

This ongoing, collaborative, transdiscipinary research-creation project was undertaken to digitally capture, archive and preserve the livelihood of the Hainan Boatbuilder of Pangkor Island, Perak, Malaysia thereby contributing to the cultural heritage of the country. The traditional process of building large wooden fishing boats comprises both intangible (tacit knowledge) and tangible (built) forms of heritage that could soon disappear due to contemporary issues. Thus the over riding urgency for this kind of research. The Pangkor boatbuilders do not have specific blueprints for each boat that is classified as 65 to 120 tonnes based on a license by Department of Fisheries. Boats can take up to four months to construct, entirely by hand, using simple tools. Currently there are only five such teams remaining on Pangkor Island. Mr Goh is the only Hainan master boatbuilder on the island and he has been in the industry for over 40 years. Through the use of archived content this project begins to mediate a narrative to educate and advance transmedia research. It seeks to gauge audience interest and survey the resulting impact of the presented content. The Hainan Boatbuilder brings to light a deeply personal story of a fading Malaysian heritage and presents it for a contemporary audience to experience. It is dedicated to Mr. Goh and his team of talented craftsmen.

Kindly please download soft copy version of Pangkor Boatbuilder book.



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