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Aiman Maulan

Aiman Maulan

Aiman Maulan
BA (Hons) in Communication

I became fond of the Malaysian media, specifically the editorial side after my internship and wanted to make a career out of it. Unfortunately, being a fresh graduate put me at a disadvantageous position as I had to compete against others with years of job experience. Eventually, I found a solution. I created my own media company. With the power of Google and utilising the branding, graphics and media skills I’ve gained from my degree, I started my own tech & gaming website, and a YouTube channel. Even if I fail to make a living out of it, I would’ve at least gained the necessary experience and knowledge to land a job.
My website continued to grow, reaching as high as 36,000 monthly visitors, and I was eventually approached by a gaming media company called Gamehubs. The founder offered me a job as an editor, where I’ll be managing content for both their magazine and website. Here I am  now, the editor of both Gamehubs and The Assemblage.
Other people might think it was my lucky streak but they didn’t see the hard work that I’ve put in. Media companies usually have plenty of people to perform specific tasks, from web developers to a fullfledged editorial team. With very little money, I became the one-man army needed to run the business, which included maintaining the website, writing articles, recording videos, and more.
My advice is that if there are no opportunities, you create them. The only thing that’s stopping you from achieving your dreams, is you.


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