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American Degree Transfer Program


The Sunway University American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP) provides an opportunity for students to experience American education locally. Degree course offerings in the American system can be divided into General Education (Liberal Arts requirements), Major/Minor requirements, and Electives. Sunway’s ADTP like American education are flexible while it equips a student to be an all-rounder. Besides the choice of one Bachelor’s degree major, several U.S. universities offer options of doing double majors or a major-minor combination in various fields of study. Students are able to explore and discover their areas of interest and pursue their major or major-minor combinations accordingly.

The typical Bachelor’s degree in the USA is a four-year degree. ADTP students usually transfer as junior (3rd Year) students. An advantage of joining the ADTP is that the SAT/ACT exams are not required for admission to transfer. Apart from the option of transferring to the USA, students may transfer to Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. If one completes the full two years with Sunway University’s ADTP, they may also transfer locally, directly into the dual degree program between Sunway University and Lancaster University.

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